Employee benefits

Siemens Mobility offers a wide range of attractive benefits to its employees. This flexible system can meet the needs of everyone. You can mix your own cocktail of benefits depending on your preferences.

You are the one to choose your benefits

The flexible employee benefits system is divided into fixed benefits that are the same for all employees and flexible benefits that each of you can choose on your own.

Each Siemens Mobility employee has a given budget that can be used to draw the flexible benefits. The assigned budget can be used during the fiscal year to the preferred activities. It is up to the employees to determine their own combination and proportion of benefits. At the same time, they can enjoy the advantages of the fixed benefits that are the same for all.

25 days of holiday                     

We are aware of the fact that it is vital to relax. In addition to the statutory four-week holiday, all employees are automatically granted an extra, fifth week of holidays.

Flexible working hours

The core working hours are from 10am and 2pm. You can work the remaining portion of your working day as is allowed by the nature of your work, or as you agree with your supervisor.

Home office                     

We know that occasionally, you need to arrange something or want to save the precious time that would otherwise be spent travelling. Upon agreement with your manager and if your job position allows it, you can spend up to 10 days at home office.  

Corporate kindergarten

Siemens Mobility employees in Prague and Ostrava have available a corporate kindergarten. It offers an extended teaching programme and longer working hours, and where you can use a contribution from your employer.

Catering benefit                     

Each Siemens employee is entitled to a catering/meal benefit. The value of electronic meal vouchers is CZK 90 per day.

Multisport card                     

We support sports activities of our employees. Doing sports is useful not only for physical but also for mental well-being. You can buy the Multisport card that can be used in more than 25,000 locations throughout the Czech Republic at a reduced price.

Ergonomics in the workplace

We spend a large part of the day at work. Therefore, we seek to prevent our employees’ health problems that may be related to sedentary jobs. We also want to give you as excellent work comfort as possible so you can go your way.

Chill-out zone                     

Each of us needs to relax once in a while. You can play table football, use the wall bars, gaming, and relaxation zones in individual locations. We work on expanding these zones.

Coffee and tea                     

We care about our employees’ fluid intake. They can use fountains with drinking water, various teas, as well as coffee machines with which you can always enjoy your morning cup of coffee. 

Mobile tariffs for private use

The employees with company mobiles can use them for private purposes for a very low monthly fee. No one else will give you such a cheap tariff. We can arrange this preferential tariff for private use or your family members, too.

Language lessons                     

We offer language lessons during working hours and at the employer’s cost if it is required by the content and nature of your work. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak English?

Personal development

Almost each of you will find a career development path with us, whether you want to pursue specialised or managerial fields.

Product discounts                     

We offer special product discounts for employees, e.g. for home appliances, electronic products, ŠKODA cars, banking products, etc.


At Siemens Mobility, you can transfer any part of your total benefit budget to the share programme. You will subsequently get this sum as a wage contribution after taxation.

Sports and cultural events

We hold various employee events during the year. They include teambuilding, a family day, a St. Nicholas party for children, and we have been celebrating International Men’s Day since last year!

Benefits that you can draw and mix to taste

Each new employee gets his/her own annual budget of at least CZK 24,000. You can use this sum for a wide range of benefits that we keep expanding regularly.

Additional days off

You can use your budget to get up to eight days of paid days off in the Benefit Plus system. In this way, you can draw up to 33 days off in a fiscal year.


Your health is your wealth, and so you need to care for it. Forget about payments for spas, pharmacies, vaccination, glasses, or stomatology. All of this can be covered by the Cafeteria budget.


Do you like playing squash or relax at a yoga lesson after work? Or do you prefer adrenalin jumps and skiing? You can find this in our offer, too.


Lovers of travelling can draw up to CZK 20,000 per year to pay for stays at hotels and guest houses, in huts and camps, for tours or children camps. Cheers to travel and adventure!


Are you a keen cinema-, concert- or theatregoer? Do you love history and do you like travelling around our castles and ruins? All of this and much more can be covered from your Cafeteria funds.

Pension and life insurance                                      

You can also draw regular employer contributions to pension or life insurance. If you use this benefit, you can also use extraordinary one-time payments besides the periodic payments.


Do you like learning new things? Is personal development important to you? Then use a wide array of various courses, including language courses, creative sessions, a driving school, etc. 

Bonus for recommending a new employee

It’s great if your colleagues are your friends, as well. In the referral programme, you can also turn your friends into your new colleagues. Just imagine that you see your childhood mate at work, and what is more, you can get rewarded for this. This is what the referral programme is about.

What does it look like with us?

The way you feel on the premises where you spend almost every day is important. You can play table football here; we offer modern kitchens, rest and relaxation zones, and many other things.