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Siemens Mobility, s.r.o.

Siemens Mobility, s.r.o. belongs to a global concern and uses a brand Siemens but it is also an independent legal entity. In the Czech Republic we have more than 750 employees and we are still growing. The core of our business here are transport solutions and related activities. Siemens Mobility is formed by sales and business teams, R&D and construction departments focusing on rolling stock and rail infrastructure, IT HUB, service centres such as homologation of rolling stock or shared services, and Mobility Metro Services which maintains Prague metro line C. We are looking for new members to all our teams!

Where you can find us in the Czech Republic?



R&D Rail Infrastructure,
Rolling Stock Engineering



Company seat, business and support functions, IT HUB,
shared services center, Rolling Stock Engineering,
R&D Rail Infrastructure, branch Mobility Metro Services
for maintenance of metro cars on line C (depot Kačerov)



R&D Rail Infrastructure,
Rolling Stock Engineering



Shared services center,
Rolling Stock Engineering

Our business success stories

We are proud of Vectron locomotives which serve many Czech customers on European tracks in freight as well as passenger transport. We have received orders for super-modern passenger cars for Czech railway company, which will follow railjets and will further increase comfort of travelling on Czech rails. 

Rail Infrastructure represents safety on railway as well as in public transport (e.g. in metro). Customer service is a very important part of our daily job and is oriented on rail vehicles including locomotives as well as maintenance of Prague metro line C.


Siemens Mobility Czech Republic


Rail automation

Intelligent traffic systems

This department focuses on development and construction of rail vehicles as well as their components, whole systems and their integration into the vehicles. Engineering covers a whole portfolio – trams, metro, commuter and high-speed trains and locomotives. We work on projects from all over the world together with international teams from Germany and Austria. Our company belongs to leaders in the business area and we are proud that our Czech departments in Prague, Ostrava and Pilsen form the third biggest Siemens Mobility development center worldwide.

Regarding mechanical integration we focus on welded car bodies – “shell constructions” mainly made of aluminum, interiors, entrance systems, crossing between cars, cabling and piping, driver´s cab, air conditioning, sanitary facilities, onboard bistro and other parts of the rail cars. Regarding electrical integration we focus on SW development of superior car driving, superior drive control, HW design and documentation and testing.

We are fully capable in leading global projects and project teams thanks to our project managers. We work on cross-sectional characteristics of rail vehicles, such as electromagnetic compatibility, fire safety, strength calculations, reliability and safety, life-cycle costs, ergonomics of driver´s seat, welded and glued parts.



The R&D Center in Siemens Mobility is focused on the complete development of automation products including software, hardware, mechanical design, verification and validation. Results of our work are to be found in many Siemens Mobility products in the field of rail automation.

We are happy to offer you an opportunity to participate in a new generation of product development such as level crossing, point and signal control systems, balise communication modules, axle counting systems, train on-board units, etc. We are experienced in safety product development in levels SIL0 – SIL4 according to CENELEC standards EN 50128 and EN 50129. We are focusing on innovative solutions such as safety Ethernet based or wireless communication and predictive diagnostics using cloud-based data analytics. In our Prague based R&D center we carry out the complete product life cycle management from requirements definition, implementation up to verification, validation and type test. Products we develop are commissioned worldwide for modernization of rail controlling systems based on new ETCS levels. Are you ready to join us and work on products that globally shape the future of rail automation?



Our mission is to make easier and healthier life in big cities by decreasing of traffic jams and production of CO2. Our solution is built on analyse of current traffic situation, adaptive and dynamic traffic flow, green waves and prioritization of public transportation.

With more than ten years of experience ITS segment develops complex systems that manage traffic in cities all around the world. It covers all product development phases from requirements analysis, architecture design, development and testing to system test.

The solutions cover hardware and software and therefore ITS segment combines expertise from multiple areas including network security and cloud. The build management team is enabling segment to achieve fast release cycles, implement automatic code check analysis and automatic testing.



Everything is connected: passengers, operators, trains and traffic. We develop SW platform to be Always Connected! The platform is called TrainIT and connect all IT systems in public transport vehicles.

TrainIT is a modular, fully integrated system for IT applications in rail vehicles. It includes standard hardware with standard IT interfaces as well as the associated software to provide a wide range of solutions for train attendants and passengers. These include passenger information systems, CCTV systems, passenger counting system, entertainment systems, diagnostics, maintenance and much more. It also offers a standardized train/ground interface, via which, for example, the current position and speed of the train is made, it can be used for timetable actualization, advised directions of getting on and off, connections followed, other train cars occupancy, etc. known to ground-based systems and can be used again in other applications such as fleet monitoring. This standardization also enables extensive expandability and scalability. The SW platform is compatible not only with Siemens products but also others, is universal and open. Its key part will be so-called internet of things. Thanks to sensors everywhere it will be possible to gather and analyze great amount of data which communicate between themselves independently on human beings.

You can find our solutions in many European cities, in suburban trains, even in high-speed trains Velaro with maximum speed up to 350 km/h. In development phase we perform testing, usually during night shifts in metro cars or on test track in Germany. In our Prague office we also work in a project management of full SW and HW integration into rail vehicles.

Our systems are based in Linux environment and technologies like Java 7/8, C/C++, Angular 2, Python, OSGi. While developing we use Docker, Jenkins, SonarQube, Maven or SVN/GIT and try to follow SCRUM. We mainly focus on design of clean API and we do not avoid consistent securing of our applications.



Siemens Mobility provide full service on Prague metro line C. The municipality rents a depot area Kačerov to our company where all metro cars for C line are maintained by ca. 120 employees. The contract ensures that the metro cars will be maintained until 2034.

The metro line C in Prague is 22,4 kilometers long and has 20 stations. It is the busiest line in the city and according to the statistics it is used by over a half million people a day. For smooth transportation there are used 53 5-cars trains. The trains are known for their modern design, light weight and low energy consumption. One train on line C usually runs 100 000 kilometers per year.

Shared Service Centers Mobility in the Czech Republic are part of the global Mobility organization and provide their customers with services in finance, accounting, reporting, controlling and purchasing. Worldwide, there are around 200 employees, especially in the Czech Republic, Portugal and India. The largest center can be found in the Czech Republic where our employees in cities Prague and Ostrava provide services in several world languages.

What our Shared Service Centers deal with?

Finance and accounting
• Processing of incoming supplier invoices
• Upload of bank statements and allocation of cash to open items
• General ledger accounting and closing of books, preparation of financial statements
• Processing of fixed assets
• Creation, modification and blocking of master data from customers and vendors

Reporting a controlling:
• Cost center controlling and reporting
• Budgeting and forecasting, commenting on deviations
• Project and factory related controlling and reporting
• Processing of bids and orders in internal systems
• Process automation through VBA, Dash, Robotics

• Customer specific purchasing services
• Processing of internal requirements in SAP
• Material Master Data Management of direct material
• Request for quotation and price negotiations with suppliers
• Participation in projects to improve purchasing processes


Our references

Regionální jednotky Desiro

Commuter and regional trains Desiro

We develop rolling stock, systems and components including their integration into the car.

Regarding mechanical integration we design car bodies, interiors, boarding systems, cabling and piping systems, driver´s cab, air conditioning, sanitary facilities etc.

We cooperate on projects such as Desiro City for Great Britain or high capacity suburban trains Desiro HC for Germany.

Elektrické jednotky na míru zákazníkovi

Electric trains fitting to customer´s needs

We design vehicles for urban, regional and high-speed transport.

Regarding electrical integration we develop control software, HW design, prepare electrotechnical documentation and provide testing and commissioning.

We have co-worked on many worldwide projects, e.g. high-speed trains ICE 4 for Germany.

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Decentralized railway traffic signaling control SINET

Trackguard SINET is an innovative, real time capable, highly available wide-area communication system for the electronic signaling control systems built on decentralized element controllers with centralized signaling control and preventive diagnostics via cloud technology.

In Prague and Pilsen we develop digital signaling control of interlockings, railway signals, level crossings, railway tunnel opening and moving bridges, avalanche detectors around railways, etc.

The pilot project in Norway covers 4 200 km of tracks equipped with ECTS level 2.

Revolutionary project Road Side Unit

Road Side Unit is representing the way to autonomous mobility. It allows wireless information exchange among vehicles and transport infrastructure.

A new VW Golf will be able to receive and show the information to a driver and help to get faster and safer to a destination.

This solution is capable of transmitting any sort of traffic data wirelessly to cars providing information about red or green timing on intersections, recommended speed to next green as well as on highways this system is able to warn drivers of any road side constructions or traffic accidents.

Mireo pro komfortní cestování mezi městy

Comfortable intercity travelling with Mireo

Rolling stock development center in Prague, Ostrava and Pilsen belongs to the best and design vehicles for transport of the future together with international teams. 

Mireo with maximum speed of 160 km/h for suburban, regional and intercity transport is one of the examples.

It is a progressive platform with possible configuration of two to six cars with different floor height at entry space, various length of cars and design of interior corresponding to customer´s needs.

Moderní tramvaje Avenio

Modern trams Avenio

We design innovative products for urban transport such as a modular concept of 100% low-floor trams Avenio.

Czech team has co-worked on projects for Bremen, Munich, Potsdam, The Haag and Doha. 

Except trams our engineers have helped with many metro projects in various cities such as Warsaw, Munich, Sofia, etc.

Sitraffic Scala – central traffic management and monitoring

The key factor for traffic management system in cities is a central traffic control center which evaluates traffic intensity.

Signal plans are automatically or manually switched depending on the traffic (e.g. prolong green wave to avoid traffic jams).

Sitraffic Scala monitors crossroad status, controls traffic lights, gathers traffic data for further traffic analysis or allows an on-line visualization of traffic plans.

Vysokorychlostní jednotky Velaro

High-speed trains Velaro

In the Czech Republic we have third biggest Engineering department for rolling stocks.

During development of vehicles we focus especially on economical operation, environment, security and safety, comfort and reliability of the vehicles.

We take part in projects of high-speed trains Velaro for Great Britain, Germany, Russia, China or Turkey.

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Decentralized level crossing protection system

Wayguard DLX is a new generation of level crossing protection system which features state-of-the-art technologies with a fully distributed system architecture, digital logic control of barriers, lights and trackside sensors as well as an innovative diagnostics system linked to MindSphere.

Our team realizes the complete solution of the project from definition of requirements, architecture, software and hardware development, mechanical design to verification, validation and type tests. 

The first project is localized in Norway and includes over 400 level crossing installations.

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